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Need advice on Virus Protection software?


Viruses are created each day and by simply surfing the internet, downloading, visiting certain sites or opening certain emails can often infect your computer with a virus.  Ensuring that your home or business devices have effective up-to-date security measures in place is paramount.  Without these your data is at severe risk.

CONEX is a Reseller of the ESET suite of award winning products which have been proven to be safer.   The home and business Anti-virus software products have leading-edge detection technology for your protection.

So go ahead… securely connect to the internet on your phone, laptop or tablet.  Protect the company network with ease. Go online banking or shopping without giving it a second thought, ESET will keep you protected.

There are many different ESET products available, so CLICK HERE to contact the CONEX team today to find out which product is right for you.



The Conex Team are very proud of their awards and accreditation's...

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